The Rugby League World Cup is coming up in late October 2017.  Although there are similarities between Union and League, these two sports are very different in many ways when it comes to how it is played, how many players on each side and the rules.  In one way where they are similar is the kit used, specifically boots.

Traditional rugby boots are like football boots; however, they are generally cut higher to enable extra support around the ankle.  It also depends on what position you play as to how much support you might need, for example a back may favour a lower cut boot for speed and mobility while a forward might need one with more medial and lateral stability to help prevent ankle injuries.

It is very important to understand the shape of your feet and your running style as to what boots you might need.  Ideally, boots should fit snuggly, but should not be too tight that they will cause areas of high pressure which can result in pain or injury.  If you are looking for boots for a child, then extra room is needed to accommodate the growing foot.

Uppers can be leather or synthetic and there are advantages to both.  Screw in studs are best so that these can be changed in response to pitch conditions.  If you need specific advice about boots in relation to the position you play and your foot type then please consider gait analysis with us here at The London Podiatry Centre.


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