Increasing numbers of people enjoy being active with friends and family.   In terms of the increased popularity of cycling following the 2012 Olympics many cycling shops are now offering bike fit or cycling analysis as part of their services.  However, very few offer the level of analysis available at The London Podiatry Centre . 

Vicon 3-Dimensional motion analysis is rarely offered for cycling assessment in the UK, yet it provides the most detailed form of analysis allowing not only for sagittal plane (movement in the forward plane) analysis but also for motion interpretation in the other (frontal and transverse) planes.  Our advanced cycling assessment is largely done for medical purposes where athletes want to resolve chronic injury or perhaps improve performance. 

For amateur or recreational cyclists who require specific information on bike fit (and bike purchase) we can provide information about specialists who can work with you in regards to “Cycle fit”.  

Case study

A young male cyclist presented to The London Podiatry Centre and reported injuries caused by a leg length difference and foot/pelvic asymmetry which was inhibiting his riding capability. 

The patient's initial biomechanical assessment confirmed a leg length difference and increased pronation of the left foot. His 3-dimensional gait analysis confirmed an increased left pelvic tilt (on shorter leg), increased pronation on the left side and an early heel lift on the shorter side.

Treatment consisted of orthoses and modification of the cleat to correct the leg length and associated compensations and this has enabled him to date to increase the mileage on his rides without suffering lower back and pelvic discomfort as before.